I hate Blogger

  • My screen is too big for Blogger. The post area(the box I'm writing in RIGHT now) is all aligned to the left. I get this frequently because I a lot of sites are optimized for 1024x768.
  • It's limited. When you compare Blogger to Wordpress, WP obviously wins in ALMOST all fields. WP it self is not limited but can lack some features you'd want/expect. That's where the plug-in system comes in. With over 12,000 plugins, you can basically make WP do whatever you want. And you can create your own plugin, if you're familiar the PHP, AJAX and JS and possibly CSS(of course, and HTML ;)). Literally all languages to do with website stuff.
  • Blogger has one certain feature that WP lacks AND I can't even find a plug-in for it.
    The Followers Widget.Simply put, even the most BASIC of blogs should have a BASIC followers widget!
    But I'm sure I'm overlooking this, because I want an exact replica of the Blogger followers widget, just for WP(And there's one's like; Twitter, FaceBook, et cetera. But not every has an FB!(Including myself, thank you.))
  • WP also has a great Admin Control Panel(ACP), easy to use, efficient, all that good stuff.)  
But anyway, they're both good Blog softwarez, one thing I <3 about WP is that it's open-source, meaning that it's free to use basically. Blogger's good for starting out JUST A BLOG, but WordPress can be made into a great Content Management System(CMS)! As shown on my site =3 


P.S: The ironic thing, is that I'm using Blogger to blog about blogs. Try saying that 3 times fast! ;-)